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May 27, 2016

Not a lot of people know this, and it’s not a fact that I disclose all that often, but Bill and I are 17 years apart. Oddly enough, that’s not even the biggest reason why most people would’ve bet that our relationship¬†never would have worked. I’ve talked about this a little bit in the past, […]

May 20, 2016

Fridays are the December’s of the work week. I say this all the time, and everybody who knows me knows it: I love Fridays. It doesn’t matter if I’m working the entire weekend (which most of the time I am) or if I have nothing special going on (which most of the time I don’t), […]

May 13, 2016

Making time to be alone is not always easy, and it’s not even always possible. But when you pull it off, man is it good for the soul. Being a photographer and a realtor, and a business owner in general, I usually work every weekend. Saturdays are more like Fridays, and Sunday and Monday are […]

April 29, 2016

This Week We… 1. Went swimming for the first time this year! If you ask me, it was still a *tiny* bit too cold, but the kids had a blast and were exhausted after, so whatever, I’ll jump in an ice bucket if that’s what it takes. 2. Saw the Jungle Book – and it […]

April 21, 2016

It’s Friday! And that means no matter what you endured this week, you are stronger for it, and therefor have a higher alcohol tolerance. Pop the champagne! I think we all have weeks that we feel like are never going to ever end, right? This week was a weird mixture of “Oh God, please let […]

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