September 20, 2013

Meeting Melissa Jill

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Today I had the pleasure of taking Melissa Jill out to lunch.
I originally heard about Melissa through friends and co-workers of mine, who’s wedding she photographed almost 2 years ago.
I started following her blog and her photography work, and falling more and more in love with how beautiful her images are.
I loved the way she could so accurately tell a story. The way her weddings were so full of emotion, and looking at the pictures of total strangers, I still felt something.

When I emailed Melissa and offered to buy her lunch in exchange for an hour of her time to answer some questions about the business side of things, I was literally overjoyed when she wrote back and accepted.
The very first thing I noticed about her when we sat down at the table today, was how incredibly approachable she is.
Even for a regular person, who isn’t the most respected and sought after photographer in the valley, she’s unbelievably warm and generous with her knowledge.
We sat in The Herb Box for nearly two hours, and she patiently and kindly answered all of my questions, from “What equipment did you have when you shot your first to wedding?” to “How has your price point evolved over time?”

There was nothing I couldn’t ask, and I walked away with so much valuable advice and information, and even MORE excitement for the path that I’m on.
Hopefully, I’ll be joining 12 other photographers for Melissa’s workshop in January, and I absolutely can’t wait.

If you’re a photographer in the area who hasn’t met her yet, it’s absolutely worth it.

How refreshing, to have someone so experienced and so successful in our industry, that’s willing to share and help, for just the price of lunch.

You can find out more about Melissa Jill here at

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  1. Melissa Jill

    September 20th, 2013 at 9:03 pm

    You are such a sweetie Sarah! Thank you for your incredibly kind words! You were truly a joy to meet and I hope our paths cross a lot more!! xoxo

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